Quick and Easy tutorial on now to install KDZ files on LG devices.

Install KDZ - Info

What is this KDZ? this is the software file made by LG for any smartphone available on the market.

Connectivity problems - LG Flash Tool?
Don't worry just see the progress on your phone once it restarts all it's done.
On what OS does this software work?
Tested on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 with all updates to date - if it doesn't work please install - VC_Redistribution (Microsoft).
What is flash tool?
It's a software used by LG to update software but its not public this version is provided by - LGVIET.COM

Install KDZ files

1 - Verify Device

1. Check your device box for the proper Suffix
2. Go to - LG Download (just type in Search - your suffix - e.g. "SWS")

2 - Enable Developer Options

1. Settings -> About Phone -> Software info
2. Tap on Build Number until it says that you are now a developer
3. Settings -> Developer Options -> Check "USB Debugging"

3 - Download Software

1. Download - LG Drivers
2. Download - LG Flash Tool 2014
3. Install LG Drivers - Just hit Next and Unzip LG Flash Tool
4. Get the latests software for your phone from the site and copy the .kdz file into - LG Flash Tool folder

4 - Install KDZ - Part 1

1. Connect Mobile device to PC (wait for the drivers to install)
2. Run as Administrator - LGFLASHTOOL2014.exe
3. Select type - CDMA / PhoneMode - DIAG / Reset time - 33000
4. Select the KDZ file and hit - CSE Flash (factory flash)

5 - Install KDZ - Part 2

1. Now press START and RUN
2. Select Country and Language / Optional Clear Registry
3. Hit OK and just wait* (*don't close the program)
4. Phone will restart in Firmware Update and flash itself

Enter your phone IMEI/ESN here:

Did you know

LG stands for Lucky-Goldstar and was founded in 1947 by Koo In-hwoi.
It fields of activity includes - Electronic industry, Chemical industry, Telecommunication and Services.
Curious of the revenue that each division brings?

LG Electronics
LG Display
LG Chem
LG Uplus