About DevTester.ro

DevTester is a site built for Automation. It's a free open source place were you can learn to make Web Testing / Phone Testing / Security Testing.
Aside from the main purpose I am making stand-alone projects in order to cover scenarios on Automation Testing.
Some Projects: LG Firmwares (Updates for LG Devices) | Free WebSites models for bachelor's degree | etc.

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Changelog / Roadmap

Revision Changes Status
2.0 PHP 7 DONE
2.0 Nintendo Switch DONE
2.1 Minor updates and fixes DONE
2.1 Close unix service DONE
3.0 Migrate to Grails/Groovy from PHP DONE
3.2 Fix LG Firmwares DONE
3.3 Cloud friendly website DONE
3.4 Website stability DONE
3.5 General bug fixes DONE
3.6 Full cloud compatible TODO
4.0 Update Website with Tutorials TODO
5.0 Production grade website TODO