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Our Focus

We Work & Play, Develop - Test Automation / Test Performance / Test Security using only Open Source Software .

To offer a Light, Fast, Reliable test framework. This is done using Cucumber and Groovy (with Webdriver) along side SVN Server and Jenkins as main C.I. Tool. All this combined will prove that you don't need to pay in order to tests your application.


Focuse on Projects - In order to make this framework side projects are under construction. Free E-Commerce WebSites, LG Firmwares, Samsung Firmwares, HTC Firmwares, Sony Firmwares and lots more.


Tutorials will be provided for creating scripts for UI Testing, Security Testing, Load/Performance Testing that will check the integrity of Everyone is invited to pull the code and develop it as he/she pleases.


Every web application has behind it some DB (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc). Here we will see how to connect and not only validate that the UI works but also that your data is stored correctly in the database.

  • Tutorials
  • Cucumber
  • TDD
  • Creating free websites
  • Free SVN service
  • Free C.I. tool
  • Free Jmeter integration

All content of uses Open Source Code or Tools and will always be FREE. No paid subscription will be requested and the site will always look and feel clean.



Stand-Alone Projects - Android Modding / Phone Firmwares / Free WebSites / Music
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About US

We design & develop free products to help small & medium level business and also support the Android Community.
Testing Everything since 2008.

As the founder of I've worked as a QA Engineer for major software companies - EA, Namco, PayU.

Seems that always there is that need to test for regression and as sites or apps become more complex it's harder and harder to manual test everything.

So you need some automated tests, will you go for the paid ones or you want to learn how to make easy and useful test cases that the business will understand?

  • Manual Testing

    Everything @ a click away .

  • Automation

    Webdriver / Cross-Browsers / Business Friendly tests.

  • Performance

    Performance testing using JMeter.

  • Security

    Implementation of OWASP tools.


Projects Completed

1000 / per day

Happy Clients

10 / per day

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Our Team

Check our awesome team memebers who always work hard to provide quality products.
Iulian P.
Iulian P.

Development Tester - passionate about testing with Open Source software

Ioana S.
Ioana S.
Finance Manager

Finance at its best.

Andrei St.
Andrei St.
Sales Manager

From Cars to Phones and everything you can trow at this guy. He Sells!

Andrei Su.
Andrei Su.
DevOps - Indispus

Only in case of emergency!


Free External Tools that help you develop quality products to help small & medium level business.



Very Groovy Browser Automation


Load Testing Software


Security Standards and Tools

SVN Server

Visual SVN Server

Android Automation

Black-box UI for Android Apps

SOAP Testing

REST and SOAP Testing by Smartbear