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A beautiful gallery of 2K wallpapers that now inclused 120 unique wallpapers for your mobile device. device.

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This are a selection of wallpapers that will fit perfectly on your 2K Display.
LG created wallpapers of fan made wallpapers in one gallery that you can download.

Beautiful Wallpapers
In the search of beautiful wallpapers here you can find the most suitable for LG devices.
High Resolution
Tired of trying to find large wallpapers that will look wonderful on your device. Here you have them!
The search stops here
Instead of looking for wallpapers on different sources here you have them on a single click.

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LG stands for Lucky-Goldstar and was founded in 1947 by Koo In-hwoi.
It fields of activity includes - Electronic industry, Chemical industry, Telecommunication and Services.
Curious of the revenue that each division brings?

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